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What Is Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia Divinorum, which is usually just called “salvia” for short, is a thousands of year old plant which typically grows in modern-day Mexico.

Once the plant is grounded down into fine mixture, you can then smoke it to have a very intense but short lived psychoactive “feeling”.

The psychoactive “effects” typically last anywhere from around 1 minute to 5 minutes. There are no aftereffects or “hangovers” from this plant.

The actual psychoactive “effect” is very intense and is best described as a very short but intense LSD “effect”.

Is Salvia Legal & Safe?

Due to the US government not fully understanding and/or researching the plant, it is illegal in some US states, please view the above salvia legality map to see if salvia is legal in your area.

Salvia may be illegal in some states, however, it has been used for thousands of years by Indians such as the Mazatec Indians.

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